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    Summary of the issue:

    The issue is occurring in accessing the parent window, when a child window (pop-up) is opened. The references using 'opener' or any reference using window.parent are not working:


    A web portal is configured in the Outlook to display a asp page (Parent Page). The pop-up (child page) is used to get additional details from the user, which is opened using a button. In the Outlook we can display a webpage by Addin a folder and configuring a http URL to display in the main Outlook window.

    The input fields value of the pop-up (child page) are saved as hidden tag in the parent page. After the UAC-bar was increased by one level, the pop-up is unable to send the data to the parent page. How we can solve this problem in the current scenario? And what are the options available to resolve this.

    Note: The current security policies do not allow for decreasing the UAC bar to the last/bottom.

    Any clues?

    Friday, July 27, 2018 11:59 AM

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    Hi MSDN_Geek ,I can see that you are trying to display web page in Outlook.

    It is possible that Outlook does not work exactly as any other Web Browser application.

    And because of that reason you are getting this issue.

    You can also try to post the issue in MSDN Outlook forum

    Outlook Community members can suggest you any work around for this issue.

    You had mentioned that,"In the Outlook we can display a webpage by Addin a folder and configuring a http URL to display in the main Outlook window."

    I am not sure about the exact steps to do the same. I suggest you to provide the detailed steps .

    We will try to make a test on our side to check the result.

    Another work around can be to develop a VSTO task pane add in and you can add web browser control to display the web page inside task pane in Outlook. Which can help you to solve the issue.

    The easiest solution is to add a DIV in your web page and make it hidden.

    When you need to take additional information from user then you just need to make visible that DIV and take the information and again hide it. You can do this via JavaScript.

    If the issue is related with UAC then I suggest you to avoid using pop up in your web page and try to collect the information using same web page may help you to solve the issue.



    Monday, July 30, 2018 2:52 AM