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  • Our Access Web App (AWA) stored on SharePoint Online (Office 365 Small Business) suddenly started to load (start-up) very slowly. This got really slow few days ago after we added some queries and new tables and enable index on 2 fields. The startup time of the app in Chrome and Edge decreased from 1--3 sec to 25-40 seconds.

    This happens every time someone in our team loads it since several day back.


    We removed the changes but that did not help. Tried several browsers and computers. Slow! Note! Once the application loads (starts up) then all views and pop ups are fast.  Another 'much simpler' AWA deployed on same ShardPoint subsite loads superfast. So SharePoint subsite setup works OK I guess. Note! When connecting with SQL Management Studio to this DB opening tables works MUCH faster than from Access client!?


    Our Access We App is quite complicated. About 4 big tables with many columns and 30 small ones. 100+ queries and subqueries. Maybe 1500 records maximum in some Table.  Many indexes set on the columns in several tables.


    We got stuck and need help

    • Does anyone know if several “not optimized” queries, subqueries and “not optimized” table structure can affect loading time of the app in browser up to 30-40 seconds, while out-of-template app in same site loads in 0,5 seconds?
    • We understand that not optimized queried and a lot of indexing affect searches and loading of views as you use the app, BUT why would that affect the initial loading time of the access web app at start, when it is loaded from Azure?
    • Is there any profiler too for databases auto created on Azure for Access Web App that we can monitor performance and the DB/Tables? SQL Profiler seems not to support profiling of Azure.
    • What is going on behind the scene before the first OnStart macro in Access Web App is loaded (how can it take 40 sec?)

    /Martin Czerwinski

    Developer at CMQ Nordic AB

    Saturday, March 12, 2016 8:40 AM

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  • Hi,

    Were you developing an Access 2013 web app? If I understand correctly, I suggest you to create a new simple view and start the Access web app with this view to narrow down whether this issue is relative the the specific view or table.

    And if it is also slow when you create a new simple view, I suggest that you raise an Office 365 service request for further troubleshooting.

    Regards & Fei

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    Monday, March 14, 2016 5:42 AM