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    I had question on how to approach a problem with using reliable position joint data. We all know that depending on the posture and orientation of the body, the measurement from the kinect can be more or less unreliable given those conditions. 

    For this issue, how would readins from two Kinect can be used to give more accurate data, such that one is facing the subject, the other at 90 degrees from porjection of the first kinect. "one front, the other sideways".

    How would the data get synchronized or resampled in view of the slightly varying frame sampling in the two kinects.

    Insights are immensly appreciated

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  • Hi,

    Try rather You likely need someone that knows about Kinect rather than someone that knows about C#.

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  • You could loop through each skeleton connected if your doing multiple people and save the depth data but v1.5 sdk will allow saving of depth data and my guess is some properties/types to help with using it like world view coordinates which would be better skeleton tracking and better position data. If you wait for v1.5 kinect sdk it will probably come with more options to save depth data.

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