Visual Studio 2015 crashes while dragging an entity from EF 6.1.3 model on to a form


  • I've a VB solution in VS 2015 Community Update 1, .Net 4.6.1, on Windows 8.1 64 bit with a Windows form executable project and class library project.
    In the class library project i defined an entity model using EF 6.1.3 with database first: database is a SQL Server Express database with compatibility level set to 120.
    Database contains some tables with relations between them, which are reflected in the model.
    In the Winform project a reference is set to the class library one and the connection string has been copied in App.Config.
    In the DataSource window entities from the model have been added. Everything works fine until the project window for the form become the active one: at this moment if you try to perform one of the following tasks:
    - drag an entity from the DataSource window to the form;
    - open and show in the DataSource window the elements list of an entity clicking on the left arrow;
    - change in the DataSource window the way the entity should be dragged to the form (detail or datagrid),
    Visual Studio stops responding and after a while crashes without any meaningful message.

    I also noticed that if no relation between entities exists in the model, then it's possibile to drag the entity from the DataSource window to the form without any issue if you use DataGridView; however, if Detail mode is used, no crash occurs but some fields from the entity are not dragged to the form as they are not linked to any control (in the DataSource window no control is in the list related to these fields and Nothing is the only option).

    Morevover, if after having dragged the unrelated entity from the DataSource window to the form you add a relation between entities in the model, as you click on the form window and active it Visual Studio again crashes.

    Accordingly to the application log the issue was caused by MSVCR120_CLR0400.dll, version: 12.0.52512.0, exception code 0xc00000fd

    Thanks to anybody could help me in solving this issue.


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