What does dotNetFx35setup.exe /q do if .NET 3.5 is already installed? RRS feed

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    If you run the downloader without the /q option, it brings up the "maintenance mode" UI. If you run it with the /q option, it runs for about ten minutes then exits. What is it doing, a repair? I don't see any documentation about this.


    If you run it with /?, it lists an explicit option for doing a repair, which is /f . Of course, it also says that is to repair all .NET 3.0 components instead of .NET 3.5, but I'm assuming that's a bug in the help dialog.


    I guess there's not a mode where dotNetFx35setup.exe will exit immediately if .NET 3.5 is already installed? That would be kind of nice.




    Monday, March 17, 2008 10:27 PM