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    Hi.  I'm trying to make a change to an existing web application.  I have a fair handle on C#, but my knowledge of jscript and asp is minimal, so please forgive the ignorance.  :)

    I have a webpart that is a checkbox.  On the menu bar I see "minimize, close, edit and connect".

    From my research so far, I guess these are called verbs?  Anyway, in a specific condition, I don't want the zoneeditor to show up for a specific field.  So I searched and found code where I added the if statement:

    CurrentWebPart.AllowClose = false;
    CurrentWebPart.AllowMinimize = false;
    if (somecondition)
      CurrentWebPart.AllowEdit = false;

    The way this was treated was an empty ZoneEditor.  What I want is to intercept the event and not show anything when the condition has been met.  Basically, when the "Edit" verb is clicked I want it to fall thru and act like it wasn't clicked on.  I figure if I find the event, I could put some code like "if (condition) then exit".  How do I locate the C# or jscript event that's triggered by clicking the edit verb? 

    Tuesday, October 30, 2012 3:55 PM