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  • Here is a short list of things I would like to do.  Coming back to windows after all these years on Mac made me realized exactly how many little things matter when it comes to being productive, and when it comes to getting extremely annoyed.  I want these things on Windows 8.  Even if it's me doing it for myself.  I'm just curious if it's okay to put it out on the App store, or is this sorta like a smack in the face to Windows?  

    1.  Split apps into screens - user can controll how many.

    2.  Group apps into folders like any smart phone does.

    3.  Custom size pictures for apps -  I want the desktop, and a few other icons to be bigger.  I noticed you already did this in your App store.  

    4.  Hot key to exit app - you get stuck in too many apps, and then have to go to the side bar after you leave, to be able to close.  

    5. Hot key to go to desktop

    6. Add workspaces

    7.  Desktop items can be dragged and used over apps & Apps over desktop - It's real frustrating having to toggle so many apps when you need to cross-reference 5 at a time.

    8.  Move / Drop desktop items to side menu like apps.

    9.  Pin anything you want to any location on the taskbar, including moving the url bar around.

    10. Give support for multiple browsers on the taskbar url.

    11. Focus on  background screen if mouse moves from active to background - This a feature that I really did enjoy about mac.  I didn't have to click on the screen behind the active one and bring it to the front, only to scroll a couple lines of text.  This on is really annoying me.  

    12. Crop Tool for screenshots -  Why doesn't this already exist?  You guys got halfway there.

    13. Regular Expression Matching on Search.  I can't find  the file directories like browser cache without hunting them down.  

    14. Transfer files with the Skype App.  Why is this functionality missing? Was it done on purpose

    I really love Windows 8 much more than any other OS I've come across, but I need to have that at home feel.  (mac )  -  I'm sure all the other mac users that convert will also agree.  So if I code these problems I see, can I put them in an App on the store, or just pass them around personally?   

    Sunday, November 18, 2012 2:04 PM

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  • Hi Eric,

    Yes, you can do many things you listed. Like the first one, you can write an app to do that. But is that worth it? I think you just need some time to get used to Windows 8.  :)

    Just like me , I am familiar with Windows, but feel very uncomfortable when using Mac.


    Kevin Gao

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    Wednesday, December 5, 2012 11:55 AM