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  • I am trying to overlay some weather products (like radar and such) on top of Bing maps.  Our first attempt was to create a single image and overlay that on top of the map using the ImageOverlayLibrary for Bing Maps from Code Plex. It works sort of especially if we disable the shim for repositioning the image during zooming (but that brings another issue of the image disappearing if you zoom too far).

    Assuming we could work around that issue, we discovered that even in the same projection (Mercator), or map doesn't align with the geography precisely in the North & South direction.

    Is this something that using the tile system would alleviate?  It sound interesting, assuming the guys that are producing the images can slice and dice them that way.

    It seems like this must be possible, for example Weather Underground does it (

    Any thoughts on how we should proceed?

    Shawn Keene

    Monday, October 28, 2013 1:43 AM


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