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  • I'm creating an addin for outlook 2013. I've got it all setup and such but I'm not sure how to achieve my objective. My boss wants a button on a ribbon that is shown during compose, read, and similar methods and either opens a save dialog or just saves it automatically without the dialog. The catch is that I want to add custom actions for this special save button, where it will rename the file and save it in a specific folder. All based on the sender's domain and address, the date, whether there are attachments, and such. Either it will save the attachments as well or I could have a separate button to do the same with any attachments; archiving them and renaming them a specific way based on date, file type, sender, etc.

    How can I implement this? I assume it's in the method showMessage_Click. Which leads me to another question, what is the showMessage_Click even from? It is what causes my messagebox to pop up when you click the button, but assuming I want a save dialog or something else rather than a messagebox, do I still use showMessage_Click or is there another XXX_Click method to use for when clicking the button that would be more appropriate for my goals.

    Also is there a list somewhere showing all of these different event methods?

    Thanks for any help and guidance you can offer.

    Tuesday, April 28, 2015 12:29 AM


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