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  • Hi,

    First, I want to thank the members of the community who directed me to this forum.  I am a newbie in this arena and learning as I go.  Thanks so much for your patience and direction and help.  I hope one day to repay the kindness.

    Hopefully, this is the correct forum for this question/issue.

    ---- here is my issue ----

    Let me be upfront, I am a rookie developer for my company working in the test department; just finishing up my associate degree in Computer Science.  I work as a tester in the test department.  My company has tasked me with updating a number of VB6 apps used in testing.  DANG. Feels like someone stole the oars.

    After looking into converting the apps to a newer version of VS,  I discovered many, many changes between VB6 and VS2008/VS2013.  Better to start from scratch and miss all the errors, messages and other issues in converting.  The original apps work well in VB6 code as expected but looking into VS2008/2013 a number of methods and calls are missing.

    I apologize if the terms are not correct, I am still learning.

    One of the first missing calls I discovered is Winsock.  I do not find anything comparable to Winsock in VS2018 or 2013. Most of what I need to update are testing apps used to verify information in units my company makes.  The apps connect to one(or more) units and we query the internal storage for data (tags, memory locations, etc ) in the unit or PCL.

    I am using VS2008 and 2013 currently (moving towards 2015).  We use Ethernet (and serial) to connect and transmit data.  With the Ethernet in mind, I have looked at the System.Net information and attempted to use the IPAddress.Connect function to no avail.  Just get the errors and messages...

    What am I missing?


    Thursday, March 2, 2017 3:27 PM


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