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  • Hi everyone. So.. I have buyed the Xbox One Kinect with Pc Adapter, my motherboard is a Asus M5A97 2.0.

    After trying make this thing work, I give up, this is the error that Im getting (Code 10)

    https ://

    So after a big research, I tried the Kinect Configuration Verifier and get this:

    https ://

    So I started to think that the problems werent the drivers, and is a Hardware problem of my pc, after a another big research I found a list with compatible 3.0 USB chipsets, and compared that list with my USB Controllers, and get this:

    https ://

    Im pretty sure that my problem is my Motherboard USB 3.0 Chipset.. 

    Recently, I buyed a new AMD Ryzen 7 2700x and 16 GB Ram DDR4 Corsair, so I have to buy a new motherboard to make this two things work (because my motherboard socket dont work with R7 2700x).

    I have in mind buy a Asus/Gigabyte/Msi B450m. And I need to know if the chipset of that motherboards work with the Kinect Xbox One with Pc Adapter. And in case of that motherboard cant work with Kinect, is a good idea to buy this ? 

    https ://

    Sorry for the image links separated.. didnt allow me to post images or links.
    Im waiting for your answers guys !!
    Thanks for your help.


    Tuesday, September 10, 2019 6:01 AM