'WCF Adapter and Messaging' is not good sample / tutorial RRS feed

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  • On the top level page "BizTalk Server Developer Center" is:


    WCF Adapter and Messaging

    WCF messages are sent from a WCF client application to a WCF service using BizTalk Server messaging and the WCF Adapters in this new sample. Updated on 12/18/07


    So I downloaded and started reading the 'ReadMe - Using BizTalk Messaging with the WCF Adapters.htm' that came with it.  It's loaded with errors and inconsistencies:


    In the Running the Sample Application section, it says:


    " 3.  In Visual Studio 2005, open the Service.sln file in the \Service folder that you copied in the previous step."


    There is no Service.sln in the entire set of files one gets as a result of having unpacked the WCFMessaging.exe


    A little bit later:

    "4.  In the Import Bindings dialog box, go to the \WcfMessagingApplication folder, select bindings.xml, and then click Open. Importing this file creates the receive port, receive location, and send port."


    There is no bindings.xml file, either!!



    Friday, January 4, 2008 11:00 PM


  • Hi

    Thanks for the comments on the sample. Plesae contact me directly at so I can make sure I have fixed or addressed all the problems you found. I appreciate your feedback greatly.


    1) Look under the \Service folder and there should be a service.sln file. I checked and it is there UNLESS somehow we have shipped the wrong file.

    2) You are correct there is no bindings.xml file. That was used until we changed it and failed to make the update in the document. Now use the WCFMessaging.msi file instead to import into the WCFMessaging application. I will fix that in the docs and get a new one published after I speak with you and make sure you found no additional errors we need to fix.


    Again, thank you so much for your time in sending this email and noting the problem. I look forward to hearing directly from you.

    Kind regards

    Mike McKeown

    Monday, January 7, 2008 1:51 PM