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    1.Use Stored Procedures whenever possible stored procedures are highly optimized tools that result in excellent performance when used effectively.

    2.Use the Optimal Managed Provider Make the correct choice of managed provider, rather than relying on a generic accessor.

    3. Pick Data Reader over Data Set when you can use a data reader whenever when you don't need to keep the data lying around. This allows a fast read of the data.

    4.Be careful about Dynamic Connection strings, connection pooling is a useful way to reuse connections for multiple requests, rather than paying the overhead of opening and closing a connection for each request. It's done implicitly, but you get one pool per unique connection string.

    5.Turn Off Features which is not required. You Don't Use Turn off automatic transaction enlistment if it's not needed.

    6.Avoid Auto-Generated Commands When using a data adapter These require additional trips to the server to retrieve meta data, and give you a lower level of interaction control.

    7.Beware ADO Legacy Design

    8.Keep Your Datasets lean Only put the records you need into the dataset

    9.Use Sequential Access as Often as Possible, f you don't need to work the whole object at once, using Sequential Access will give you much better performance

    Friday, February 9, 2007 8:48 AM

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