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  • Welcome to the ICorDebug/MDbg forum. This forum is for discussing the CLR Debugging Services (ICorDebug) and the Managed Debugger Sample that builds on top of it.
    This is a great place to post any questions you have about the Mdbg sample, ICorDebug, the CLR debugging services, etc. If you're writing your own managed debugger, or just writing a simple tool on top of ICorDebug/MDbg, you definitely want to keep this forum in mind.

    Please also feel free to post announcements about things that you have done with ICorDebug / Mdbg. 
     Other related forums:
     Visual Studio Debugger: The ICorDebug forum is targeted at people writing their own debuggers and tools. Please use the VS Debugger forum instead if you have questions about actually using the Visual Studio Debugger.
     Common Language Runtime:  Please use the CLR forum if you have questions about the rest of the core runtime.
     .NET Base Class Library: Please use the BCL forum if you have questions about the managed libraries.
     Useful links:
     The ICorDebug API is referenced here.
     More about MDbg, including how to download, here.
     The current blogroll for the CLR Debugging Services is: Mike Stall Rick Byers, David Broman.


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