Troubles with default description language for the app in Windows Store


  • Hi everybody,

    I've just faced an interesting problem with my second app release.

    My app supports both English and Russian. I've entered app's description for both languages and it's OK with manifest and with a certification process itself.

    But when I decided to check availability of the app in Windows Stores for different countries, I saw that app's description for non-English nor Russian-spoken countries, like France, comes in Russian !

    I don't think that somebody in France would get the point of my advertising in Russian, so I'd like to change default description language for non supported languages to English.

    I've flicked through the app manifest and I tend to think that it's rather problem with a Store itself.

    Does anyone know where should I look into to get the ball rolling ?


    Friday, September 12, 2014 8:40 AM


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