Transit not working in the Isochrone API RRS feed

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  • I'm trying to use the Isochrone API to find "reachable-within-x-minute by public transportation" polygons around various locations. However, when making calls to the Isochrone API with parameter "travelMode=transit", I'm getting a 400 Bad Request status code with the following message: "travelMode: This parameter value has an invalid format." Driving and walking isochrones are working as expected. Below is an example request that is returning this 400 error code (domain and API key removed):


    Anyone know why this isn't working? Is it a bug in the API, or is there something wrong with my request?

    Monday, February 26, 2018 6:51 AM


  • Good news, this is supported and is just a bug in the GET request. If you make the same request using POST, it works. The team have logged a bug for this so that it will be fixed. No ETA at the moment. Here is an example of a POST version of your request:


    Content-Type: application/json


    { waypoint: "37.776883,-122.416759", maxTime: 50, timeUnit: "Minute", travelMode: "transit", dateTime: "2018-02-26T18:00:00-08:00" }

    If you are using JavaScript, here is an example of making a post request:

    If using .NET, consider using the Bing Maps .NET REST Toolkit: It makes using the REST services in .NET very easy and implements a bunch of best practices. 

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    Monday, February 26, 2018 7:43 PM

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