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  • Hi All,

    Please forgive my ignorance but I've been desperately trying to find out if it is possible to code a cross platform game app in Visual Studio 2013 using C++ to code the  actual game app?

    From my understanding, developing cross platform apps is possible with VS 2013 because VS has teamed up with Xamarin which uses .Net as it source code allowing Shared libs and projects that then can run on most if not all devices.

    With Xamarin utilising a .Net framework, cross platform apps works well when the app is coded in C# as C# uses the .Net Framework.

    Unfortunately though for me I'm most proficient with C++ and only a beginner with C# so if possible I'd prefer to stick to the language I know best. 

    Examples posted by VS, using shared libs etc have also only shown the app coded in C#, they don't unfortunately make it clear if cross platform apps can only be coded with C# and .Net or if it is possible to create an app using other languages like C++ or even Java but still be able to make use of the Xamarin .Net framework so the app works on cross platforms?

    If anyone can confirm if they have been able to create a cross platform app in VS 2013 using C++ as the app language, it would be exceptionally helpful, any other advice they can also to provide on the experience/ shortfalls or if you know of any good reference to examples on the internet for creating cross platform games in VS2013 using C++ that would also be greatly appreciated.     

    Tuesday, August 12, 2014 4:47 PM