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  • Writing WinXPe NDIS 5.1 device driver. Started with Intel E100 driver source from DDK and adapting to Altera triple-speed ethernet core. Receive packet through scatter gather DMA working well, can see good data. Transmit packet through separate scatter gather DMA claims to be working well. Problem is that ipconfig shows IPv6 only IP address for the NIC. Control Panel, Network Configuration, Internet Protocol, has set static IPv4 IP address and no DHCP. But ipconfig doesn't see it. Can't find any OIDs which appear to tell WinXPe anything about IPv6 versus IPv4. Control Panel, Network Configuration correctly updates itself for ethernet connect and disconnect, but nothing seems to please ipconfig. Where is ipconfig getting its IPv6 information, and how can the driver affect it? Thanks.

    More info: Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration shows IPEnabled set to 0 for my NDIS device, but set to -1 for NDIS devices that ipconfig shows an IPV4 IP address. What is setting or affecting IPEnabled? Win7 "netsh interface ipv4" appears to be able to affect the configuration, but WinXPe netsh is much more limited.

    More info: implemented Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration EnableStatic, but it fails with result=84, "IP not enabled". Have hand edited registry CurrentControlSet, Control, Services, Tcpip, Parameters, Interfaces, <GUID>, to set IPEnabled to 1 but that doesn't help. My <GUID> has less than half the elements that functional <GUID> have. What is responsible for populating these elements?

    Wednesday, May 2, 2012 10:03 AM

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  • I don't want IPv6 at all. But I very much need IPv4, and my problem is that ipconfig and WMI Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration see my driver's adapter as an IPv6 only device. I would be happy for IPv6 to be disabled. But what I really need is for IPv4 to be enabled, and both ipconfig and WMI Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration say it isn't. So the question remains: what does Windows use to conclude whether or not IPv4 is enabled? If you look at my second "more info" above, you'll see that the registry information for my driver's adapter clearly has IPEnabled=1 but that has no effect on ipconfig or WMI Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration.

    If I use Control Panel, Network Adapters, select my adapter, Properties, I see a list box that includes TCP6 [IPv6] and IP. If I select TCP6, buttons Install and Uninstall are enabled but button Properties is disabled/grayed. If I uncheck TCP6, close out, and run ipconfig, the entire adapter has disappeared, further confirming that Windows sees the adapter as an IPv6 only device.

    Wednesday, May 2, 2012 5:53 PM
  • I have requested such a build to be made. However, I strongly suspect the result will be the same as when I uncheck the "TCP6" support on the adapter properties, i.e., the adapter disappears entirely.
    Wednesday, May 2, 2012 7:48 PM