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  • Hi ,

       I was totally new to windows driver development. i would be thank full if you can help me . my requirement is , i want to recompile the driver which is currently working on windows NT to new platform windows XP.

    i have the following questions ,

    1.  we are not aware of DDK and IDE they have used in 1990's to develope that driver. did all the wdk like 7.1  , 8.0 , 8,1 , 10  will have backward compatability for that old code ?

    2. I have read in msdn forum that wdk 7.1 can be used to develope drivers for windows xp. if so , what visual studio version  i can use ? 

    3. did i can use windows 7 as development environment ?

    Wednesday, February 10, 2016 6:32 AM


  • If the driver is for hardware and was developed for Windows NT you have a problem, since by Windows XP you needed to support plug and play which an NT driver will not do.  This will require a significant rewrite of the driver, at which point you should seriously consider using KMDF.    Depending on how your NT driver was written much of the code/logic can easily be moved into the KMDF framework which will provide the plug and play and power support you need.

    On you specific questions:

    1.  The Windows 7 WDK will accept a project from an earlier WDK/DDK.  There are minor differences in the SOURCES file (which drives the building of the project), but these are easily fixed from the warnings.

    2.  The Windows 7 WDK comes with the compiler, and is a command line driven model.  If you wish to wrap the development so that Visual Studio is used look at DDKBUILD in the Resources page at  This is a script that allows you to run the command line from Visual Studio.

    3.   Windows 7 is a valid development environment for any WDK from the Windows XP version onward.

    Don Burn Windows Driver Consulting Website:

    Wednesday, February 10, 2016 12:45 PM