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  • I used Expression.ToString( ) to get the textual representation of a linq expression. Can I/how can I convert that textual representation string back into a Linq Expression?  I want to build a linq expression on a silverlight client, then send that expression up to the server to be executed.


            IQueryable<ListViewRow> query =
              from b in mDataContext.DocMasters
              select new ListViewRow
                DocName = new DocumentName( b.DocName ),
                FormName = b.FormName,
                ScanDateTime = b.ScanDateTime,
                Notes = b.Notes
            System.Linq.Expressions.Expression expr = query.Expression;
            string s5 = expr.ToString();

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010 10:31 PM


  • Hello Steve,


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    If I understand the problem correctly, you want to execute exactly the same LINQ to SQL query at the server side, right?   If so, I strongly recommend you consider using this Expression Tree Serialization Library,  


    This library(sample) contains:


    1.     An Expression Tree serialization API: A general purpose XML serialization of Expression Trees. This should work over any expression tree – though there are inevitably bugs. The serialization format is fairly crude, but has been expressive enough to support the variety of expression trees I’ve tried throwing at it.

    2.     A wrapper for serializing/deserializing LINQ to SQL queries: A wrapper around the expression serializer allows serializing LINQ to SQL queries and de-serializing into a query against a given DataContext.

    3.     A WCF service which accepts serialized query expression trees and executes against a back-end LINQ to SQL: To enable querying across tiers, a WCF service exposes service methods which execute serialized queries. The service implementation deserializes the queries against its LINQ to SQL connection.

    4.     An IQueryable implementation wrapping the client side of the WCF service: The client-side calling syntax is simplified by providing an IQueryable implementation. This implementation, RemoteTable, executes queries by serializing the query expression tree and calling the appropriate service. The object model that the service user is able to query against is imported by the WCF service reference per the DataContracts on the LINQ to SQL mapping on the server side.


    Does it fit you scenario?   If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.


    Have a nice day!



    Best Regards,
    Lingzhi Sun

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