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    Hello everyone!


    This is my first time posting here. I have looked all around for an answer to my question, but have not found anything yet. So I'm hoping someone here can help me.


    My question is how can I set the wireless service to load before items in the Startup Folder every time when Windows XP Pro starts? Here is the setup:


    I recently installed two HP desktops that have third party wireless PCI cards in them in a factory on the production floor along with a wireless access point. I could have ran Cat5/6 cable to them, but that would mean running cable over production equipment not to mention the run would be max out the default length for a cable running without using a repeater of some sort.


    The company I installed these for did not want to spend that much money so that is why I put in a wireless access point and connected the desktops to the network using wireless. The purpose of these desktops is to run a program located on a server to display real time production information some of which information is being captured at another facility and displayed at this location. This location makes car parts for the car manufacturer and needs to know how far ahead or behind they are to keep up with the car production.


    I got everything set up and have good signal strength on the wireless. I put a shortcut to the application, located on the server, in the startup folder so that it will load when Win XP loads. The problem I think I'm having is that the application does not launch because the wireless service is not running yet. Sometimes, the wireless service is the last service to load. I need it to be one of the first.


    It's not as simple as waiting until the service loads them click on the link because one of the desktops is mounted 15 feet up a wall. Short of installing a wireless keyboard/mouse or using a VNC type product to remotely control the system without taking away the auto-login feature, I am lost at this point.


    I need both systems to startup, auto-login into Windows, connect to the wireless network and launch this application without any human interaction.


    I know a lot about Windows XP, but there is more that I don't know; this being one of them. Like I mentioned at the beginning, I have looked all over the Internet thinking that someone else has wanted to do the same thing, but I have not been able to come up with a solution to try. I will keep looking and in the mean time hopefully someone here can help me out.






    Monday, March 31, 2008 2:13 PM

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  • Actually you need the WiFi, TCP/IP and DHCP (etc) Services to all have loaded *and* the wireless connection actually has been made, and DHCP completed so that your machine has got an IP Address etc.  So generally in such cases getting the service to load first is probably not enough.  (Actually what you *really* want is a connection to the file server to work, but perhaps its enough to assume that most of the problems at start-up will be lack of local connection).


    In cases where the developer is running some service of they're own I normally recommend using the network APIs to check that a network address has been correctly assigned rather than add a service-to-service dependency.


    Here I guess the best solution is that you have some other simple application be started from the Startup folder and it launches the real app later -- either after a fixed delay, say three minutes, or after checking for the network connection to be made.


    Don't know whether you're a programmer or not.  As a .NET programmer I'd use it to create a simple app that uses it's Process class to start the app, and either do it after a delay, or after using its System.NetworkInformation class to detect the network status.


    Otherwise one could create a .CMD or PowerShell script to do this.


    How does that sound?

    Thursday, April 03, 2008 3:38 PM