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  • Ultimately my goal is to get my own custom media type to play within the HTML5 <video> tag from Internet Explorer. 

    I have a byte stream handler, source and stream objects and they're working together (I know this because I can get my custom file type to play in Windows Media Player now). I registered my byte stream handler for the .ocv file extension (the file extension I'm using), and I created a mime type registry entry as well for "video/ocv" (pointing to the same byte stream handler). 

    The problem is Internet Explorer doesn't seem to really care. I create a HTML page, reference my custom media type in the <video> tag, and get an "Invalid Source" error in the HTML5 player (IIS has been setup to send the "video/ocv" MIME type). Using Process Monitor (from SysInternals) I can see IE isn't even looking in the registry to attempt to resolve my custom type. Replacing my media file in the <Video> tag with an existing MP4 file everything works (and I can see IE checking the registry for the MP4 byte stream handler). 

    So what gives? Is there something else I need to do for IE to recognize my custom media type and load my byte stream handler? 

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