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  • It looks like Windows CE does not create extended partitions on "cylinder 1" which seems to be required.  I looked at the connect site and couldn't figure out where I could post this as a bug. Here is a copy of my post onmicrosoft.public.windowsce.embedded.


    I've been working on creating and formatting partitions in windows ce 5.0 for
    our product. Here's an issue that I've noticed: Windows CE 5.0 only creates
    Extended partitions with logical drives. A normal windows machine will leave
    about 7 MB of free space before the start of an extended partition if the
    extended partition is the first partition on the drive. It does not have to
    be this way for a primary partition.

    Under windows ce, the partition starts at sector 0 I believe. The problem
    is, if you have more than 1 partition on a hard drive, then you remove the
    hard drive, put it into a windows machine (XP or 7), and delete the first
    partition.. it will corrupt the drive. I was able to reproduce this in my
    code and Windows CE Storage Manager.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Take an external USB drive (320 GB), insert into CE
    2. Dismount and Format the store to remove all partitions
    3. Create a partition that uses about half (~150 GB)
    4. Create a partition that uses the other half (~150 GB)
    5. Remove the device and insert it into a windows desktop
    6. Delete the first partition
    7. 2nd partition now is incorrect, drive is no longer detected sometimes,
    and crashes the logical disk manager (unallocated space incorrect at like 300
    GB, allocated 2nd partition says 1600 GB).

    So... I'm wondering if there is a fix for this. Also, what type of
    information is being reserved space for the first 7 MB or so on a regular
    windows machine? I had to use 3rd party tools to see this free space because
    windows LDM does not show you it, but it is documented online that this
    happens when you have an extended partition in the first slot.

    Friday, April 16, 2010 9:42 PM