I need help to figure out why sometimes video and other things crashes after rotate/resize


  • Here's the thing.
    this is a VERY sinple test using microsoft's template: (screenshots numbered in red)

    Screenshot 1: (landscape)

    Screenshot 2 - click to open another page:

    Screenshot 3 - rotate landscape to portrait:
    note: for some reason it forces to go back to the home page without throwing an error

    Screenshot 4: AGAIN select to open a page (btw it's a drawing page) BUT NOW in PORTRAIT mode

    Screenshot 5: rotate back to Landscape and for some reason it DOESN'T CRASHES.. WHY?

    BTW whenever i rotate/resize an app that uses Video TAG.. the video CRASHES.. that's really buggy for an OS about to be officially launched.

    Any ideas?

    Sunday, October 7, 2012 4:45 AM