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  • We have a server that we are trying to certify for Windows Server 2016. After submitting the hardware compatibility submission package we got an error at the manual review stage and the error report says:

    Fail. Playlist validation failed, please ensure that for HLK 10.1.14393.14393 that playlist version 1607 is used. To see the test that cause the failure, load the package in studio, select the package tab, click ‘Validate Against Compat Playlist’ and provide the appropriate playlist. 

    Below are the tests that were found to be missing for each Target.
    STIRLING287: NDISTest 6.5 - [2 Machine] - IOVVMQBasicVerification
    STIRLING287: NDISTest 6.5 - [2 Machine] - SRIOVTestingDevice
    STIRLING287: NDISTest 6.5 - [2 Machine] - SRIOVTestingFailover
    STIRLING287: NDISTest 6.5 - [2 Machine] - SRIOVTestingOIDs
    STIRLING287: NDISTest 6.5 - [2 Machine] - SRIOVTestingRegistry

    We used Playlist Id="84be2486-2561-4c5b-b069-1104a9f00d95" Name="HLK Version 1607 CompatPlaylist v2" Version="2.1"

    When I follow the instructions in the error report It successfully validated the playlist:

    Validation Successful

    Your Project is valid for the given Playlist. All Tests in the Playlist that should be in the Project have been determined to be present.

    So what are we supposed to do now? There is no way to provide feedback on the submission or submit a response. No email to reply to or phone number to call. The only options for support with the hardware developer center are the forums here and the single incident support which costs $500. So what do we do? Is paying the $500 the only way for Microsoft to have someone look at this issue or make any progress with our submission? 

    Friday, June 2, 2017 11:10 PM

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  • It seems that the new Compatibility Paly List can be downloaded from the following page.

    Download the certification playlists
    (There is the link under the Hardware Dashboard.

    How about using CompatPlaylist_1607_v3.xml?

    You'd better watch the following blogs.

    Sunday, June 4, 2017 11:47 PM
  • Thanks for that feedback. The new playlist was released more than a month after the tests were completed. I have been working with Microsoft to resolve a certificate issue with our account since April. Since there is no way to provide feedback on the submission does this mean that we just have to redo all our certification testing every time a new playlist comes out? I have a feeling that the submission was rejected because they were using the newest playlist and filter to verify our results instead of the ones that were available to us at the time of testing. They don't even offer the ability to specify which filters were used even though they are supposed to honor them. 
    Tuesday, June 6, 2017 7:31 PM
  • Looking at the blog,
       "Both updated playlists are optional for the next 90 days, after which they will be required, and the previous playlist will no longer be acceptable."
    , it seems to accept even the old palylist.

    Then, it seems that cooperation between the HLK development department, the department that describes the blog and the manual review department is so bad.

    I would like to ask someones in MS to have a proper view, but may not they answer here?

    I want HLKStudio to have a function that can replace the Playlist even during the test run. . .

    Thursday, June 8, 2017 1:46 AM