Drive a click to IE from a Excel VBA?


  • I am trying to use Excel VB to drive some keystrokes to IE. To help with some automation of a quick activity in IE.


    Where I could use Sendkeys, I completed most of the work.  But I have one situation where I cannot get to a web page button with Sendkeys to trigger the the button.


    I can activate the IE window and position the cursor with the SetCursorPos exactly where I need to do a click.  But I cannot seem to make anything work to send a click. 


    I'm not all that experienced with the APIs, but all I've been able to find and make work is a SendMessage to close the window.  Whenever I try to send a click with SendMessage, I get a return of zero.


    Is this possible?  THANK YOU for your help!

    Thursday, May 08, 2008 10:35 PM