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  • Hi all

    I am trying to properly add a menu item to TFS-> History -> Label context menu using Extensions Package. In the same package I have another menu item intended for the main TFS context menu that uses parent 

    <GuidSymbol name="guidSourceControlExplorerMenuGroup" value="{ffe1131c-8ea1-4d05-9728-34ad4611bda9}">
          <IDSymbol name="SourceControlExplorerMenuGroupId" value="0x1111" />

    and works smoothly.

    I am trying to find the proper ID for the specific context menu. Using the trick to enable menu debug information, ctrl+shift and right click on a label I get this


    I have tried al the possible combinations to define a proper additional IdSymbol:

    <IDSymbol name="LabelsMenuGroupId" value="??????"/> to use as parent for this new menu item that needs to go in the label context menu, but with no luck.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I hate having to fall back to getting context menus on loading the package and manually add the command details instead of using the template.

    Thanks in advance


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    Monday, October 12, 2015 4:03 PM