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    Programming in excel

    How can I write a speadsheet driven by VBA for a small office supplying 3 products, the system be used to keep track of the sales the company make.The system can use excel worksheets to display data and should create any graphs onto worksheet, provide some GUI functionality to allow easy control of the system, have controls embedded into a worksheet or user form with controls on it, and also save its records to an access DB and the database be updated whenever records are deleted, added or modified. The records that the systems keeps track of contain information such as; salesperson's lastname, company name, product name,product cost, quantity bought, total cost, discount, date. The system provide functionality such as; display all data, add a new sales record(calculating total cost automatically, including discount where 0% is for 1-100, 2% is for 101-150, 4% = 151-200, 5% = >200), delete a sales record, update prices (5% for <500 and 10% is for >=500) show company data, company purchase history, staff sales performance, Show sales performance, Product Performance, etc.
    Wednesday, November 19, 2008 9:02 PM

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