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    I've struggled with this all day now. I just can't make it work. The idea is very simple: In the CreateChildControls method, I add a bunch of simple webcontrols to the page, and they all render properly. But then, in a partialpostback, I want to change the text of a label.. so, in the CreateChildControls I assign a session variable to the label text, which is changed in the partialpostback. The problem is, whatever I do, no changes are reflected in the page.. I've tried EnsureChildControls and RecreateChildControls also. No results...


    It's as if once the controls are rendered the first time, whatever I do to change them, they always stay the same as the first render. I've even tried some control logic in the CreateChildControls to just not render any contents at all. But all the freckin' controls still appear!


    Please help me with this... I need to finish this urgently...

    Thanks in advance!

    Tuesday, May 10, 2011 10:56 AM


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