Kinect Going On and Off for PC SDK RRS feed

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  • Kinect is going umm retard mode...Excuse me Comedy LOL

    It Keeps going off and off and I just bought the adapter for Kinect 2.0

    Because I would love to try out the Sandbox Projects AR Stuff and other Great SDK Apps

    They are sooo Awesome tho but now my Kinect 2.0 is going nuts for no reason when

    I somehow got it working before then it did not work after a few Weeks sooo here is the Info

    Just 2 issue actually

    Using Kinect V2 Config Verifier

    1. ! USB Controller with a Orange ! 

    2. Kinect Depth and Color Streams Ticks and cross on and off

    so I dunno what the problem right now I was sooo freaking excited for Kinect working first time, now I am Sad :(.

    if any of u guys know the problem please tell meh what is really Wrong :).

    Updated Info :)
    Saturday, March 12, 2016 4:07 AM