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    I have static send port which is configured with "WCF-Custom" adapter in the BizTalk R2 also it is using msmqTransport as a transport channel. I have a scenario where I need to dynamically change the machine name in the Address(URI) (ie. net.msmq://[MachineName]/private/Testclientqueue). Rather than create new Dynamic send port, is there are any way to change the address in existing static send port? I am trying option either send ochestration or send custom pipeline.


    I tried with this in Orchestration's Construct Message sharp, following way


    FinalMessage = AddressedMessage;

    FinalMessage(*) = ddressedMessage(*);

    FinalMessage(BTS.IsDynamicSend) = true;

    FinalMessage(WCF.To) = "net.msmq://Foo/private/Tsetclientqueue";







    Thursday, November 22, 2007 8:47 AM


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