Fields collection and Hierarch. Object DataSource - how to RRS feed

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  • I have following classes :

    public class Customer
        public string FirstName    {get { return null; } }

    public class CustPair
        public Customer Morning{get {return null;}}
        public Customer Evening{get {return null; }}

    public class CustPairColl : List<CustPair>{}

    When I add CustPairColl as a datasource it correctly shows hierarchy of Morning and Evening Customers. Now, I am trying to create a report that has two columns - FirstName for the Morning Customer and FirstName for the Evening Customer. When I drop FirstName of the Morning or Evening Customer to the cell or Table Control I am getting expression:
    which is incorrect. I cannot find a way to specify that FirstName property comes out of Morning or Evening Customer :)

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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