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  • Is it possible for when 2 users are working on the same list of objects in different application instances to make the changes available to one

    ClassA has a number of instances of ClassB in a list (simple illustration) as follows:

    Public Class ClassA
        ' auto generated stuff...
        ' auto generated relationship
        ClassBList As System.Data.Objects.DataClasses.EntityCollection(Of ClassB)
    End Class
    Public ClassB
        ' autogenerated stuff...
    End Class

    Two users are running 2 separate instances of the application.

    • User 1 opens the ClassA instance and displays/accesses the ClassB list.
    • User 2 adds a new instance to ClassA.ClassBList and saves his changes. 

    How can I pick up the new instance of ClassB in the application User 1 is running?  At this point in the User 1 application instance, the object is loaded
    including the list.

    If I create a new instance of the context, the new object is available.  However, I am only using one context instance in each application at the moment.

    How can I get this object in the current context instance?



    Andez (Please mark as answer if it helps)

    Saturday, December 8, 2012 8:06 PM