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  • Up to yesterday I was a happy person. For a while...
    I had used IIS5 PHP MYSQL URLSCAN but had already installed my VS 2003 with NFWK 1.1 and all updates ! Also able to creat WEB applications on http://localhost/anyname

    I said myself let's test SQL databases beside MYSQL with VS2003 in order to create much direct datasests and populate grids ! So I've downloaded SQL Express 2005 and tried to install it . But Netframework 2 was needed so I've downloaded too. After installing everything I tried to play with SQL and downloaded a tool for administering SQL ! All ok But today I've tried to use again VS 2003 and to create a new or open an already created WEB application. So error :( :(

    Something like ASP1.1 can't been found on system ! I've tried something like  iisreg or so with a -i parameter ! NOTHING

    I've uninstalled NFWK 2 and VB.NET than I've downloaded VS2005 express but no WEB application project there . So I decided to reinstall NFWK 1.1 from prerequisites CD and Now IO reinstall VS 2003 ! What to do if I will not been able to create again WEB application projects which I would like to try !




    Thursday, April 6, 2006 11:33 AM


  • SO people, as many times in my life I fixed up my problem !

    Let me tell you:

    If no "aspregiis -i" or something similar very often seen on internet will fix your problem, please check the following article:


    For me it was that : the web server address was setted up to my real IP address and in fact the IIS was waiting to be setted up to all IP addresses included local ones, in order to be able to create the web application ! It took me around 8 hours (in fact 24) to see where the problem is !


    Sometimes I would say that the problem is in the troubleshooting team of microsoft which seem to not be interested in having a strong team which simple collect all the problems, group them into a clear structure with links from one trouble to the other. I admit it could be difficult to track such a project.

    Friday, April 7, 2006 5:27 AM