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  • I created a vb.net code referencing the below link from Microsoft.


    Is there a way to get more than 10 results when searching for say pizza in say New York?

    If I search pizza in new york i only get a result of 10 locations.

    How can I get all of them. Also is it possible to get the address with in the request? Below is my code.

    Imports Bing.SearchService Public Class Form1 Private Sub btnGeoCode_Click(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnGeoCode.Click test(TextBox1.Text) End Sub Public Sub test(ByVal keywordLocation As String) Dim Key As String = "" Dim searchRequest As New SearchRequest 'credentials searchRequest.Credentials = New SearchService.Credentials() searchRequest.Credentials.ApplicationId = Key ' Create the search query Dim ssQuery As New StructuredSearchQuery Dim parts As String() = keywordLocation.Split(";") ssQuery.Keyword = parts(0) ssQuery.Location = parts(1) searchRequest.StructuredQuery = ssQuery Dim searchService As New SearchServiceClient Dim SearchResponse As SearchResponse = searchService.Search(searchRequest) If SearchResponse.ResultSets(0).Results.Length > 0 Then Dim lstName As New ArrayList Dim lstAddress As New ArrayList For i As Integer = 0 To SearchResponse.ResultSets(0).Results.Length - 1 lstName.Add(SearchResponse.ResultSets(0).Results(i).Name) lstAddress.Add(SearchResponse.ResultSets(0).Results(i).LocationData) Next End If End Sub End Class

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  • It looks like you are using the of legacy Bing Maps SOAP services. You can return up to 25 results with the search service by setting the Count option:

    searchRequest.SearchOptions = new SearchService.SearchOptions();
    searchRequest.SearchOptions.Count = 25;

    There is no option to have the address for the "where" component of the query returned. However, you can look at the parsed query value and that may provide the information you need. You can geocode that information if you want a center coordinate.

    All this said, the Bing Maps Soap Services are nearing end of life and will be deprecated at the end of June 2017. These services were replaced by the Bing Maps REST services about 6 years ago. However, there is no service that provides free form queries for points of interest and business listings. There is a separate service where you can search against data sources doing nearby searches and filter based on category. You would geocode the "where" part of the query first then use its coordinate to do a radial search for nearby points of interest. Here are some useful resources on this:





    https://code.msdn.microsoft.com/Augmented-Reality-with-bcb17045?redir=0 (shows how to use the Bing Spatial Data Services in .NET)

    Currently there isn't a .NET toolkit for the Bing Spatial Data Services, but their will be one soon.

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