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  • I created a code referencing the below link from Microsoft.

    Is there a way to get more than 10 results when searching for say pizza in say New York?

    If I search pizza in new york i only get a result of 10 locations.

    How can I get all of them. Also is it possible to get the address with in the request? Below is my code.

    Imports Bing.SearchService Public Class Form1 Private Sub btnGeoCode_Click(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnGeoCode.Click test(TextBox1.Text) End Sub Public Sub test(ByVal keywordLocation As String) Dim Key As String = "" Dim searchRequest As New SearchRequest 'credentials searchRequest.Credentials = New SearchService.Credentials() searchRequest.Credentials.ApplicationId = Key ' Create the search query Dim ssQuery As New StructuredSearchQuery Dim parts As String() = keywordLocation.Split(";") ssQuery.Keyword = parts(0) ssQuery.Location = parts(1) searchRequest.StructuredQuery = ssQuery Dim searchService As New SearchServiceClient Dim SearchResponse As SearchResponse = searchService.Search(searchRequest) If SearchResponse.ResultSets(0).Results.Length > 0 Then Dim lstName As New ArrayList Dim lstAddress As New ArrayList For i As Integer = 0 To SearchResponse.ResultSets(0).Results.Length - 1 lstName.Add(SearchResponse.ResultSets(0).Results(i).Name) lstAddress.Add(SearchResponse.ResultSets(0).Results(i).LocationData) Next End If End Sub End Class

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