What happens when a previous callback is running and has open files & database connections ? RRS feed

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  • Hi;

      I am an old style programmer so the words/ideas are not familiar to me. I need to understand what happens when a called back page starts and opens a file (different file for every user - no problem there!) and the user issues another callback before the code closes the file and finishes (Likewise if the callback connects to a database).  When are those connections/open files closed ?  Is there a simple way to be sure they do get closed so subsequent callbacks can open the files and get database connections ?  Does the first calledback page continue or halt mid subroutine when the second callback is received ?   I have asked 3 different programmers and have gotten 3 different answers.

    Does it depend upon the server ? I am running MS server 2008 R2

     The only way I have come up with is to put a modal dialog box on the page so once the call back starts the user can't start another callback.  Does this work if the user navigates to another page and then back to this one ? or do I leave a marker on the server that the calledback page checks to see if the previous callback is still running ?   How do I have the second callback be sure the file will be closed (other than just waiting ??? - or did it hang ?)

      I am happy to read the manuals but where do I find the info ?  What are the right words to use in searching & where to search ?

      Can someone enlighten me?

    G Diehl

    Saturday, May 3, 2014 4:28 PM