Send only users who are X degrees latitude away from a point on earth a notification? RRS feed

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  • Users will sign up for notifications on their phone when they are X degrees away from a specific point on earth. So each user has their own threshold for notification.  Also at any time all users are at different positions on earth.

    On Azure I need to obtain users current position (or perhaps have the users store their home position to Azure and use that value as a constant) calculate which users are within the threshold they specified in their settings, and send only those users a notification.

    What I'm not clear about are

    1 - Do I need to have the users register themselves to Azure using some authentication like Microsoft account?  Or is that only to restrict access to app functions and data stored in the tables?

    2- How do you store reference to each device connected to the mobile service so that I can associate it with their application settings which includes the threshold settings I was referring to above? 

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  • How can a Windows Azure server know where the user is located? :) Won't the User have to register his "home" location with the Mobile service and then each time (every often) that user moves, the user's device will have to upload the location to the mobile service. That way the mobile service can calculate the difference between the user's home location and the current location and send a push notification.

    For sending the Push, you will probably have to register your device for Push notifications. For example if the user has a iPhone, you will need to use apns (Apple Push notification), if the user has Windows Phone, then you use MPNS and so on....

    If I have not understood your question correctly, then please clarify below.

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  • I understand what you are saying but I don't know how it is done inside Azure. Does each user need to be stored in the database table like with a unique userID so that I can calculate which users are located where, and send only those the push notification? Or is there a different way to do it?

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