INetFwRule3::get_RemoteAddresses fails to return the four Windows 8 "Predefined set of computers" Options RRS feed

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  • In Windows 7, there are five "Predefined set of computers" options available for the Remote Addresses field:

    • Default gateway
    • WINS servers
    • DHCP servers
    • DNS servers
    • Local subnet

    These are returned by the INetFwRule2 (and INetFwRule3) interface without a hitch.

    In Windows 8, these four options have been added:

    • Intranet
    • Remote Corp Network
    • Internet
    • Play to Renderers

    Although wf.msc supports these new values, the INetFwRules::get_NewEnum ... get_RemoteAddresses function fails to retrieve these four windows 8 values.  

    Is this a bug, or is there another more 'modern' interface/methodology that one must employ to obtain these new, windows 8 values?

    Any light that you can shed will be appreciated.

    Charles S. Cotton

    Friday, May 22, 2015 7:43 PM