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    I have developed a windows application(.exe) on .Net Framework 2.0. Now it is working fine on all machines where framework is already installed. But when executing on a machine where framework is not installed, it is throwing an error.

    But as per my client requirement, it has to throw a message to the user saying "Framework is not installed.....".

    To do this we tried to include some logic in the same windows application to see the registry to check the framework installation. Agian error...bcz it needs .Net framework to run the EXE with new logic.

    Finally we decided to write VBScript file which will verify the framework installation. If not installed it will download the framework from my server and installs, and also i am making a call to the EXE  which  i developed  above.

    The problem is solved. But an another problem starts as my client needs only one exe. not both .vbs and .exe.

    Here we decided to use IExpress to bundle both files (.vbs and .exe). IExpress is not accepting .vbs as startup program.
    Again we wrote a .bat file which will make a call to .vbs and .vbs make a call to .exe.

    Finally we prepared a single EXE (.bat + .vbs + .exe) with IEXPRESS and is working fine. But once we run this new exe, it is displaying an empty command prompt.

    Is there a way to hide this command prompt, bcz we dont want to show this to the customer.
    or is there anyway alternative to check and install .Framework.


    Tuesday, April 1, 2008 10:17 AM


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