I spend a lot of time pondering where I went wrong with new software installations these days? RRS feed

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  • Finally managed to get my hands on a preview copy(Evaluation) so I've discovered,  of the much touted Microsoft Server with data content, Preview, and some tools from the MS sites. I was beginning to believe it had fallen off the bookshelf, behind the tallboy and i'd never know what it was like to get the sort of grunt offered by it's unbending will. Problem was it didn't agree that the partition Windows 8.1 Preview had written to my hard drive was NT? So I chanced it and let the truth come out about the bloody mindedness of the Microsoft Installation Software. You can probably tell by now that I had lost 1/2 of my disk to Ubuntu, and 2012 took everything I had spent the last few days downloading. So as to catch up with the awful waste of time Linux is in comparison. So I got on the phone and Ordered another 16 GigaBytes of Data, at $120 a shout I feel now I maybe should have read ALL the docx before stumbling blindly in. Not to worry most learning curves have twists in them nowadays and I'm happy to go on testing along side of you that have risen to heights way above my meagre file manager, and replacement voluntary position I held with the Melbourne P C Users group years ago. I reccomend the same thing as the developers do before installing Server 2012. Do a Thorough backup first. Asta la Vista Both my new best friends...
    Thursday, July 18, 2013 6:30 AM