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  • Here's my scenario:  I'm using Platform Builder for WEC7 on Windows 7 to connect to a target device.  When plugging the device into the business network and my development system is physically connected to the same subnet, everything basically works fine (e.g. attach, download image, debug) but the business network blocks certain traffic preventing remote tools and transferring files (after initial image) from working.  So my desire is to connect to the device using a direct crossover cable and then use the business wifi for network access.  But this doesn't work.  I have disabled the firewall for the LAN Ethernet adapter and verified that the BOOTME messages are being received using Wireshark, but Platform Builder does not recognize this and the device does not show up under Target -> Connectivity Options -> Ethernet Download Settings.  If I disable my Wifi adapter, it suddenly works just fine.  But now I can't access the network while attached to the device.  I have tried changing the connection order under network connections advanced settings in Windows 7 to place the LAN adapter first, but to no effect.

    Here's my question:  How do I configure Platform Builder to utilize the LAN Ethernet adapter for connecting to the target while ignoring the Wifi adapter connected to another network?



    Friday, August 24, 2012 6:49 PM

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  • I'm trying to visualize what you're attempting. The most-critical things are:

    1. Your device bootloader needs to use the correct PB communication network interface. If the bootloader on the device is targeted at WiFi, nothing you do on the PC will send the image through wired Ethernet!

    2. The Platform Builder PC needs an IP address for the wired Ethernet interface that is sensible. If your Ethernet adapter is configured for DHCP/dynamic IP assignment, it will never work (there's nothing on that network but the target device; it can't assign an IP). It needs to be statically assigned and SHOULD NOT BE ON THE SAME SUBNET AS THE BUSINESS NETWORK.

    Paul T.

    Monday, August 27, 2012 3:52 PM