Route calculation fails on one paticular latitude,longitude of a normal street RRS feed

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  • This REST call fails on the second waypoint, which makes no sence to me. It is perfectly fine.,5.02998&vwp.1=53.22813,6.57341&vwp.2=52.16492,5.38882&vwp.3=52.50661,6.09013&wp.4=52.13506,5.02998&maxSolns=1&optmz=Time&du=km&rpo=None&c=nl-NL&ss=true&o=xml

    vwp2 is the result of a geolocate of this address, done by BING as well:

    9713 KB, Groningen, Nederland

    more acurate Oosterhamrikkade 23, 9713 KB, Groningen, Nederland, but BING can't resolve that, but that's to be updated I hope.

    when I change vwp.1=53.22813,6.57341

    to vwp.1=53.22813,6.5731 to route calculates fine. Showing the difference on a map shows it makes no sence.

    Since we get to coördinates from geolocating using BING, it is a problem if I can't use these coördinates in a route calculation.

    Please help.

    Thursday, August 18, 2016 11:08 AM


  • I've taken a look at your issues and see the problem. The routing issue is that you are using via waypoints. Via waypoints are locations that you can drive by, but don't stop and turn around at. The coordinate (53.22813,6.57341) is on a road that turns into a one way street and is essentially a dead end road. As such the route can't drive by this location, it must stop and turn around. Turning this into a waypoint in your requests returns a route. For example:,5.02998&wp.1=53.22813,6.57341&vwp.2=52.16492,5.38882&vwp.3=52.50661,6.09013&wp.4=52.13506,5.02998&maxSolns=1&optmz=Time&du=km&rpo=None&c=nl-NL&ss=true&o=xml&key=Your_Bing_Maps_Key

    As for geocoding "Oosterhamrikkade 23, 9713 KB, Groningen, Nederland", the Bing Maps geocodingservice is finding this fine for me. Make sure you are following the best practices documented here:

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    Thursday, August 18, 2016 7:27 PM