Using a form to set an appointment and send an email RRS feed

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  • Ok so here's what I want to do. I have a custom form that creates an appointment which I invite others to attend from a shared calendar. I want the form to also send an email that is delayed by 2 days from the start date of the appointment, to the person that is invited (the required attendee) that is set within the form. I have a macro in outlook where I can select the appointment in the calendar and then run the macro and it will send the email. But I want the form to do it all (so my coworkers don't have to go into the calendar and select the appointment then run the macro). Can this be done? I'll include the VBA for the macro below. Thanks!

    Sub mail()
    Dim obj As Object
    Dim Sel As Outlook.Selection
    Dim objAppt As Outlook.AppointmentItem
    Dim objOutlook As Object
    Dim objOutlookMsg As Object
    Set Sel = Application.ActiveExplorer.Selection
    Set objOutlook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
    Set objOutlookMsg = objOutlook.CreateItem(0)
    If Sel.Count Then  Set obj = Sel(1)
        If TypeOf obj Is Outlook.AppointmentItem Then
          Set objAppt = obj
          Set objTask1 = Application.CreateItem(olTaskItem)
    With objOutlookMsg
       .To = objAppt.RequiredAttendees
       .Subject = "Business Banking Follow up reminder: " & objAppt.Location
       '.Body = "This is the body of message"
       .HTMLBody = "Test message! " & "Company: " & objAppt.Location & " " & objAppt.Start
        dteThen = objAppt.Start + 2
       .DeferredDeliveryTime = dteThen
       '.Attachments.Add ("c:\myFileToSend.txt")
    End With
    End If
    End If
    On Error Resume Next
    Set objOutlookMsg = Nothing
    Set objOutlook = Nothing
    End Sub

    Wednesday, April 24, 2013 2:52 PM