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  • Hi

    I am looking for at non-standard schema for control messages or a method to create such a schema

    Below is the edifact I am receiving from our VAN provider if a receiver is does not exist in their directory (line break added for convinient reading)

    UNA:+,? '
    TXT+SYN+Unknown recipient <receiver>?:EAN'

    The code is easily parsed using .net but I would rather use a schema if possible keep it all as simple as possible

    The content has to be forwarded to a support mailbox as today but in a slightly more userfriendly manner

    Thanks in advance /Peter

    Monday, January 9, 2012 1:51 PM


  • Unfortunately, there is not really a great guide I know of on how to do this. On this forum there have been a few threads of people basically doing this. The steps are approximately:

    1. Find a built-in schema that is as close to what you need as possible.

    2. If there is an EDIFact message type that corresponds to the message (although quite customized), use that schema to start with.

    3. Make your customizations.

    There are some tips people have posted about using the name "loop" in the schema name if there is a field in your message structure that loops. I am not sure if this is required or whether this is accurate information.

    The fallback approach if you cannot get the standard BizTalk components to work with custom EDIFact is to use a flat file schema.


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    Thursday, January 12, 2012 1:52 AM