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    I am developing dating application and use PivotViewe for povered search.

    I try to automatic generate cxml (ItemCollection) and picture xml (PictureCollection).

    I have 11.000 member, 1200 member has picture. rest have same male or female picture.

    I get data from database and create images with Deep Zoom Tools

    After that, create ItemCollection. I set user ID to  item id and picture id.

        <FacetCategory Name="Rumuz" Type="String" p:IsFilterVisible="false" p:IsWordWheelVisible="true" p:IsMetaDataVisible="true" />
      <Items ImgBase="/PivotViewer/collection.xml">
        <Item Id="48" Img="#48" Name="hacıhüsrev " Href="user/hacıhüsrev">

    After that, create PictureCollection. I set user ID to I Id and set loop number to N (MortonNumber).

        <I Id="48" N="0" Source="PivotImages/NoPicture2.xml"><Size Width="256" Height="196" /></I>
        <I Id="51" N="1" Source="PivotImages/9393aa88-103b-4ee7-a86d-5a5671014ea9.xml"><Size Width="256" Height="196" /></I>
        <I Id="66" N="2" Source="PivotImages/NoPicture2.xml"><Size Width="256" Height="196" /></I>
        <I Id="67" N="3" Source="PivotImages/NoPicture2.xml"><Size Width="256" Height="196" /></I>

    My problem is, pivot doesnot show pictures.

    When i create PictureCollection with Deep Zoom Tool it shows pictures, but DZT creates collection just for images in the folder (above example cretes 2 picture, guid and nopicture2).

    Thanks in advance for any help or leading.

    Sunday, July 22, 2012 6:28 AM