Issue with azure -Removing associated resources after deleting azure bastion RRS feed

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  • After allowing to delete azure bastion azure portal does not allow me to remove associated resources. 

    When i try to remove associated public ip and the virtual network , Azure bastion pop up in the resource list but when i click on the link it says resource can not be found. 

    I am stuck here. Can not remove either of these resources. 

    I tried to remove those resources using power shell. Cloud shell as well.

    But no luck.I get the same following error

    groupvn: Subnet AzureBastionSubnet is in use by /subscriptions/234234234sdfsdfsdf/resourceGroups/groupvn/providers/Microsoft.Network/bastionHosts/AzureBastionSubnet/bastionHostIpConfigurations/IpConf and cannot be deleted. In order to delete the subnet, delete all the resources within the subnet. See aka.ms/deletesubnet. (Code: InUseSubnetCannotBeDeleted)
    publicip: Public IP address /subscriptions/234234234sdfsdfsdf/resourceGroups/groupvn/providers/Microsoft.Network/publicIPAddresses/publicip can not be deleted since it is still allocated to resource /subscriptions/234234234sdfsdfsdf/resourceGroups/groupvn/providers/Microsoft.Network/bastionHosts/AzureBastionSubnet/bastionHostIpConfigurations/IpConf. In order to delete the public IP, disassociate/detach the Public IP address from the resource.  To learn how to do this, see aka.ms/deletepublicip. (Code: PublicIPAddressCannotBeDeleted)
    Monday, July 20, 2020 9:53 PM