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  • I just build a WES7 (SP1) image using ICE and am configuring it for the target using a standard command script. In the past, I used netsh lan command to configure the multiple network cards, but this command does not exist. Following response from the netsh /? command from an administrator shell:

    Usage: netsh [-a AliasFile] [-c Context] [-r RemoteMachine] [-u [DomainName\]Use
    rName] [-p Password | *]
                 [Command | -f ScriptFile]
    The following commands are available:
    Commands in this context:
    ?              - Displays a list of commands.
    add            - Adds a configuration entry to a list of entries.
    advfirewall    - Changes to the `netsh advfirewall' context.
    branchcache    - Changes to the `netsh branchcache' context.
    bridge         - Changes to the `netsh bridge' context.
    delete         - Deletes a configuration entry from a list of entries.
    dhcpclient     - Changes to the `netsh dhcpclient' context.
    dnsclient      - Changes to the `netsh dnsclient' context.
    dump           - Displays a configuration script.
    exec           - Runs a script file.
    firewall       - Changes to the `netsh firewall' context.
    help           - Displays a list of commands.
    http           - Changes to the `netsh http' context.
    interface      - Changes to the `netsh interface' context.
    ipsec          - Changes to the `netsh ipsec' context.
    namespace      - Changes to the `netsh namespace' context.
    netio          - Changes to the `netsh netio' context.
    p2p            - Changes to the `netsh p2p' context.
    ras            - Changes to the `netsh ras' context.
    rpc            - Changes to the `netsh rpc' context.
    set            - Updates configuration settings.
    show           - Displays information.
    trace          - Changes to the `netsh trace' context.
    wfp            - Changes to the `netsh wfp' context.
    winhttp        - Changes to the `netsh winhttp' context.
    winsock        - Changes to the `netsh winsock' context.
    The following sub-contexts are available:
     advfirewall branchcache bridge dhcpclient dnsclient firewall http interface ips
    ec namespace netio p2p ras rpc trace wfp winhttp winsock
    To view help for a command, type the command, followed by a space, and then
     type ?.

    What is the new equivalent? What am I missing? Thanks.
    Tuesday, November 11, 2014 12:59 AM

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  • Did you build a full image or a custom one?

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    Tuesday, November 11, 2014 4:40 AM
  • It is  a custom image. After your comment, dug into it and discovered among others (not related), System Management Administrative Tools (under FeaturePack\Management\System Management) was missing from the build. I'm guessing that was it. Added it and voila, LAN option is now there. Rather peculiar behavior, though. Unless you dig into the packages, this is difficult to troubleshoot. Is there a complete file list of each package contents?

    Sorry for the late response. For whatever reason, could not respond using FF -- had to resort to IE to enter this.


    Wednesday, November 12, 2014 1:10 AM
  • The online help is supposed to provide details of the packages. The other way method is to build a full image and see if it works. If it works, the next step is to diff the custom from the full to track down the missing package.

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    Wednesday, November 12, 2014 2:07 AM
  • That's the way I tracked it down -- used a previous image that worked and compared them. There were no dependency errors. The help file I have (WES7Sp1 Doc: wvehelp.chm) doesn't detail it. It has this:

    System Management Administrative Tools
    This package is a Feature Pack in the category Management\System Management. The name of the package as it appears on disk and for use with some command-line tools is WinEmb-SystemManagement-AdminTools.
    This package includes a number of command-line tools that provide extended functionality of script execution and management of system settings. These tools include task scheduling, secondary logon, account information, and other system-management tasks.
      No settings provided.
      Windows Event Collector
      Windows Remote Management
      Package Dependencies
        No package dependencies.
    Group Dependencies
      No group dependencies.
    Optional Supporting Packages
     You can select any number of packages from the following list:
      .NET Framework 2.0
      .NET Framework 2.0 Client Profile
      Application Security
      Domain Services
      Embedded Core Help Content
      Internet Explorer 8 Foundation
      Microsoft Management Console
      Network and Sharing Center
      Remote Client
      Win32 Application Runtimes and Libraries
      Windows Management Instrumentation
    You can use the optional packages to enable the following functions:
    To do this  / Use these packages  
    Enable email integration from Task Scheduler. /
     Win32 Application Runtimes and Libraries
    Access the Active Directory object picker from the Event Viewer. /
     Domain Services
    Manage computer systems using web services standards. /
     Remote Client
    Change the running user context of a scheduled task. /
     .NET Framework 2.0
    Provide user interface support for EventViewer, /compmgmtlauncher.exe, and TaskScheduler. /
     .NET Framework 2.0 Client Profile
    Provide support for scheduling tasks on a remote computer /
     Windows Management Instrumentation

    That's the only reference I could find and it's not very clear. Using the CBS Package inspector, found netsh.exe Netshell.dll in multiple places:

    FeaturePack \ winemb-networking-foundation.cab \ x86_microsoft-windows-netshell_31bf3856ad364e35_7.1.7601.17514_none_c8fb5103f7338b07 DIR 6/10/2009 1:15:42 PM


    product \ x86~microsoft-windows-embeddededition~~~~6.1.7601.17514~1.0 \ Filenames.cache

    So not sure  which one actually included the additional functionality.

    Wednesday, November 12, 2014 6:16 PM