Projection of Images captured by Kinect to another viewpoint RRS feed

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  • have a color image along with its depth map which both are captured by Kinect. I want to project it to another location (to see how it looks like in another viewpoint). Since I don't have the intrinsic parameters (camera param.) of the Kinect; How can I implement it?

    P.S: I'm writing my codes in C++ and OpenCV

    Wednesday, July 25, 2012 2:19 AM

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  • OpenCV i think can work with kinect sdk from what i heard.  P.S. wouldn't kinect studio help with seeing the data in a 3d viewport instead if normal viewport if thats what your going for? Also, looking for a 3d model importer? try reconstructme: You can import real life objects as models using the kinect with reconstructme and then just use basic 3d modeling experience to polish up the model in a 3d modeling program.

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