XML SpreadSheets StyleIDs Change upon saving? RRS feed

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  • I'm currently working on a little project where I write an XML Excel spreadsheet. So far i'm able to get everything down including the styles and populate the sheet with data.

    The main issue is that, upon editing or saving in excel my style ids seems to all change to a random number. An example would be where i define

     <Style ss:ID="s8">

    after saving in excel it'll become something like

     <Style ss:ID="s64">

    I'm not sure why it does this or where it even gets this style number from. But is there any consistent way to save without removing my old style? Do i have to follow some unique pattern when listing the style ids or is there another way to prevent it from changing styleids? 

    the main reason for this is because in my little program i plan to parse the Rows and cell data. If it keeps changing the styleid data then it'll be useless since i cant append new or edit old values. 

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