Missing values from eventhub causes stream analytics send nulls to powerbi RRS feed

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  • I have an eventhub where I get data from different sources. The messages from these different sources are almost the same with some minor differences. Like some of them do not send temperature but most of them does.

    Then I am selecting all of these data sources and sending it into powerbi from stream analytics. But the problem is that powerbi does not think that this data is float type if there is missing values in it.

    I tried to CAST it to float in stream analytics but then missing or null values are then cast to 0.0 which is not that good on my powerbi diagrams.

    I have another field with same data type and missing values but it works fine and I donot handle them differently as far as I can see neither in eventhub or stream analytics or powerbi.

    Is there a way to skip null values in stream analyitcs or powerbi?


    Tuesday, May 19, 2015 8:39 AM


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  • When you say skip you mean just not output the event? Can you filter them out using the where clause in the ASA query?
    Tuesday, May 26, 2015 10:23 PM
  • Now I am filtering out the null values and have more than one select query in my stream analytics job each one outputting to different powerbi datasets depending on the type of data coming in that I find out using which columns has null values. It works better but I wonder if it is a preferred way to implement stream anaytics jobs. I mean more than one output and one select statement for each output.
    Tuesday, June 2, 2015 11:24 AM
  • Shouldn't be a concern. Or perhaps you can share your query here to be sure.
    Saturday, June 13, 2015 4:41 PM